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Shroud Face


I have been waiting for YOU!
It is by My Love for You that you are visiting Me via this site. I am omnipresent, which means that I am everywhere ~ always. I am with You now!

I so desire for You to come to know Me. I Am REAL!!! I watched You grow in your Mother's womb. I knew You before "WE" created the world and assigned your very own Guardian Angel to bring You safely home to Heaven when you've completed your "Mission". Of course, You always have free will.

Yes, I have a Mission for You!
Are You surprised that I am speaking to You now
and your heart is acknowledging My Presence and My Peace?
It is true ~
I am speaking to You with a very simple message:
Together we can overcome the demons, the world and personal fears.
Do not be afraid.

Let Me take your hand and walk with Me.

Here's one of My Favorite Psalms ~ 23
The LORD is my Shepherd;
I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
to restful waters He leads me
and He refreshes my soul.
You guide me along the right path of righteousness
for Your Namesake.
Even though I walk through the valley of death,
I fear no evil for You are at my side;
Your rod and Your staff give me courage.
You set a table before me
under the eyes of my foes;
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.
Only goodness and kindness
will follow me all the days of my life;
I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever and ever.

I am hidden, but only to those who do not seek Me!

Where to find Me?
Speak to Me in your heart and I will direct You!
I am always sacramentally present
(that means I am physically & substantially present and
hidden in the Consecrated Host in the Tabernacle of a Catholic Church.)

Find one near You. If the doors are locked, please go to the Parish office and tell them that You would like to talk to Me ~
JESUS in the Church.
I'm always present and available there!
At other times, please find a quiet space and invite Me to be with You. Even though I am always with You, I, too, like to be asked.
Remember, it's always simple, but maybe not easy.

I am always allowing these times in your life to seek and to find Me ~I am always the LIGHT shining and
My Words will bring You Peace.

You may not know Me or how much I love you, so today I am filling your heart with MY LOVE!

I have another site where you can come
to know Me even more. 
Click here for more information

Contact some of my other friends, the Saints;
they'll be able to tell you more about ME.
I AM so Happy to spend this time with You!
We'll talk soon ~ remember I AM always with you!

JESUS, Your Good Shepherd


The complete Body of JESUS as revealed on the Shroud

Biggest Shroud Of Turin Discovery Ever Made

Shroud Discovery

The Sudarium Of Oviedo
The burial cloth that covered Jesus' face.


Evidence for the Shroud of Christ Resurrection 2021


Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia of Turin, papal custodian of the Shroud of Turin, stands in front of the shroud during a preview for journalists in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Turin, Italy in 2015. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Behind ‘The Mystery Man’ and the Shroud of Turin

The Shroud and Jesus' healing touch







The Holy Face of JESUS
The chaplet of the Holy Face comes from Sr. Mary of St. Peter, a Carmelite Nun from Tours, France. She received this chaplet from our Lord in 1844. Jesus asked that she spread the devotion in reparation for blasphemies against God and the profanation of Sunday. The Glory Be is said Seven times to honor the seven words of Jesus upon the Cross, and to honor the seven sorrows of the Blessed Mother. The Church celebrates the feast of the Holy Face of Jesus each year on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.

How to pray the Chaplet
             Make the sign of the Cross
               "Oh God, come to my assistance; Oh Lord, make haste to help me.  Glory be..."
             On the big beads, pray "My Jesus Mercy", followed by the Glory Be...                            
                (The big beads are in honor of Jesus' sense of TOUCH, HEARING, SIGHT, SMELL and TASTE)
             Pray on the six beads: 
                 “Arise, O Lord! and let Thy enemies be scattered, 
                 and let them that hate Thee flee from before Thy Face.”
             Say on the Cross: 
                “God, our Protector, look on us and look on the Face of Thy Christ.”
Golden Arrow


The Holy Face of JESUS
Veil of Manoppello

* The Mysterious Holy Veil of Manoppello



Divine Mercy


As revealed from Sister Faustina

"I am King of Mercy... I desire that this image be displayed in public on the first Sunday after Easter. That Sunday is the Feast of Mercy. Through the Word Incarnate, I make known the bottomless depth of My mercy." - Diary of Saint Faustina, Number 88

"My daughter, look into the abyss of My mercy and give praise and glory to this mercy of Mine. Do it in this way: gather all sinners from the entire world and immerse them in the abyss of My mercy. I want to give Myself to souls; I yearn for souls, My daughter. On the day of My feast, the Feast of Mercy, you will go through the whole world and bring fainting souls to the spring of My mercy. I shall heal and strengthen them."
- Diary of Saint Faustina, Number 206

*Online Transmission of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy



"I am the Divine Physician.
Yes, you can listen to doctors or others, but realize that I hold your loved one close to me and I have grasped them. If your loved one stays (and suffers), or comes with Me (death), it is the FATHER's Perfect Will. I need you to trust Me. I love your loved one and desire, too, only what is best and most loving for them. Yes, pray for healing - which will either be on this side or with Me/Us on the other side, which is their complete healing. It is imporant to realize that life, suffering and death are about mystery. You must then surrender all and everything to Me. I am the Good Shepherd and with Me, I hold them as a little lamb. My/Our Mother is always present along with their Guardian Angel.

If they suffer, I am suffering with them. If they are being healed, I am healing within them. If they are called home to Me, I am with them, too! I am always with My loved ones.

Sometimes this is hard to accept and live. I must have your 'yes' in being the LORD and continuing to do the Will of My FATHER. For you, I desire that you keep close to Me, praying and trusting in Me. You will know My peace. I will give comfort to your loved ones! My Mother and I are always with you and those you love. Do not distracted by doubt or trying to figure things out. This will bring you only restlessness and anxiety, which never comes from Me. Come to Me or turn to My Mother. Pray the Mysteries of the Rosary - as you walk with Me in the mysteries of My life you will better understand how I walk with you in the mysteries of your life. I will give you My peace, which the world cannot give. Remember that I love you and all of your loved ones.
Come to Me and let your heart rest in Mine and My Mother's.

Remember all things are possible with Me."

Your JESUS of Mercy
(from a Prayer Companion's journal with JESUS)

Sr. Emmanuel in Medjugorje tells of the incredible power how a simple prayer can save a lost soul.



"When you look at a Crucifix, you understand how much JESUS loved you then. When you look at the Sacred Heart - Host, you understand how much JESUS loves you now."
- Saint Teresa of Calcutta

More info:
Article 1
Article 2



"Gaze upon Me.
Let Me gaze upon you.
As you recognize Me in the hiddeness of My Divine Body -
this little wafer of Living Bread - the Host -
so will you recognize Me hidden in your body, My Beloved and Precious Child.

Reflect and meditate on this often. 

Turn to Me and seek Me now before you.
Yearn for Me.
For then when you leave,
you will know with certainty that I live in you.
You must practice 'this presence' - My Presence -
in the present moment.
I must teach you to live,
trust and share My presence.
I desire that you help others to turn to Me,
seek Me, and invite Me to come into their hearts, mind, and body.
Each one is called, prepared, and sanctified, to be My Temple -
the Living Temple of GOD!
You are the 'living' Temple,
just as the Church is My Living Body.

This mystery is being revealed,
for now is the time for the confrontation
between Light and darkness.
I with you need to confrontthe devil and his minions.
It is your time to live
what Saint Paul shares with the Ephesians - in chapters 3 and 6.

Peace, My Apostles of Love and Mercy" 
Your JESUS of Mercy

I encourage you to visit Me - in person or face time 
*Perpetual Adoration

I wait for you!

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Best date ever! Eucharistic Adoration

Veni Sancte Spiritus Medjugorje

Oh JESUS We Adore You

Dona la pace - Darui nam mir



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